Policy and Consent

Educational Project Details

Medical Genetics has now penetrated into each branch of medicine and healthcare. It has not only helped doctors in diagnosis but also planning therapy for cancers, infectious diseases as well as few rare diseases. Department of Pediatrics, AIIMS Jodhpur is conducting an educational study to find out whether having a structured "Clinical Genetics" module with hands-on experience helps medical students learn medicine more effectively with enhanced interest and application of basic sciences into working-up of the patients.

As part of an innovative initiative, AIIMS Jodhpur has designed this program on a blended platform. All medical students will be eligible to enroll on the online platform. The study participating medical students, selected randomly, will be allocated for hands-on lab training and exposure to clinical genetics also. Later on, the hands-on lab training/clinical exposure will also be extended to other students group not selected initially. The evaluation will assess the impact of this program on learning genetics & basic science with clinical touch.

Your consent for this program is entirely voluntary. You also have option to withdraw anytime from this program without assigning any reason thereof for your withdrawal. If will also be ensured that your participation do not affect your regular teaching, nor it will impact your assessment in routine examinations even if you declined to participate. If you have any query for this program, you may contact Dr Varuna Vyas at 9810508477 (Email- drvaruna.vyas@gmail.com) or Dr Kuldeep Singh at 8003996940 (email: singhk@aiimsjodhpur.edu.in; kulpra@gmail.com). You may have a sneak preview of the platform here. However, you have to enroll through a request or through this consent form to participate.